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JML Services offers emergency repairs and planned maintenance
We can minimize down time to get you up and running quickly

Occasionally even the best equipment will need attention and repair. JML Services stands ready to assist you with emergency repairs at a moment’s notice. We also offer planned maintenance that fits your schedule. We understand that equipment down can often mean a loss of valuable time and profits so we work hard to get your equipment up and running quickly and efficiently. When it’s an emergency involving your critical equipment, we will perform a safe and reliable repair immediately.

Should replacement parts be required, they are ordered and installed to minimize down time. We will explain the nature of the repair to the site supervisor and obtain approval for any purchased items. If an unsafe situation is present, we will red tag and lockout the equipment until it is returned to good working order.

Our repairs always use top-quality original equipment parts and materials that meet or exceed the manufacturer's recommendations. We can repair your equipment, as well as damage caused by forklifts or other errant vehicles; even the facility itself if you don’t want to go to the expense of engaging a general contractor.


We often repair loading dock building foundations from abuse caused from missing/inadequate bumpers and repeated impact from semi trucks. When appropriate, we will suggest methods to reduce the likelihood of a similar repair in the future.

We suggest performing regular preventive planned maintenance to reduce the likelihood of downtime. Simply ask JML Services to provide scheduled attention to loading docks, scissor lifts and conveyors to extend the economic life of the equipment, and you will be paid back with increased production, reliable operation, and ease of use. Let us know about your equipment as well as your facility and we would be happy to come up with an individualized preventative maintenance plan for your company.

Contact the professionals at JML Services for all of your material handling equipment and installation as well as solid waste handling and recycling services. Call toll free at 866-565-4944 or fax 888-865-5978.



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