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Die Trucks
JML Services: Material Handling Equipment and Installation.
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Custom, one-of-a-kind industrial trucks that do just what you want them to do are no stranger to JML Services. Not the vanilla sit down counterbalanced forklift to pick up a pallet, but a special truck to do a special job.

Custom Die Truck
1. Custom Die Truck

How about lifting a 200,000 lb injection mold and putting it into the press? We’ve done that. Want it to push, pull, and rotate the mold? Not a problem. Would you like to safely lift a roll of material onto a winder/unwinder while reaching over a conveyor belt? Can-Do. Why not include remote-controls so the operator



can position himself exactly where he wants to be? Even removing a rolling chassis from a production line without interruption can be accomplished.

You can work with JML Services to design a custom truck that will make your manufacturing process more efficient. We can include roller beds, dual-levels for quick die changes, right-angle loading and more. The answer to your needs is only a click or a phone call away.

Custom Die Truck
2. Custom Die Truck

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