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Design and Layout

JML Services designs and builds custom machines for your company

We work with you to develop a solution that fits your business

JML Services has been providing reliable material handling equipment and installation services for more than 20 years.  We are most proud of our ability to work with you on your concepts or ideas to create solutions and provide necessary products to complete your job. 

JML Services has the ability to take your concepts or napkin sketches and turn them into detailed drawings, either paper or CAD based. We can design custom machines for specific tasks or provide layouts for moving or incorporating existing equipment for new production needs.  Tell us about the equipment you need and we will design a solution and provide a product that will complete the job.

Some of our clients provide us with a detailed specification for their project and we deliver very competitive proposals to their designs. Others might have a good idea of exactly what they would like included while many just tell us in general terms what they would like to accomplish. The professionals at JML Services work closely with our clients to create a product that will meet all of their specifications.

 Maybe you need to store a particular number of pallets or SKU’s in your warehouse, or you want to know how much your warehouse can hold with our high density storage equipment. We can produce a layout that maximizes storage in your existing facility, and often generates additional space for production activities.

We are able to work with your architects or design-build contractors on proper loading dock design and we often consult with your concrete contractors on efficient pit forming techniques.

We look forward to discussing your needs and developing a solution that fits your business, your schedule, and your budget.

Contact the professionals at JML Services for all of your material handling equipment and installation as well as solid waste handling and recycling services. Call toll free at 866-565-4944 or fax 888-865-5978.


10,000 lb Bar Stock Lifte
1. 10,000 lb Bar Stock Lifter


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